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Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell Lab Research

It is a device that can be used in the process of lithium-ion battery stacking.

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Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell Lab Research


It is suitable for the lamination process of battery cells. The positive and negative electrodes and the diaphragm are laminated in a Z shape. It is an equipment that can be applied to the lamination process of lithium ion battery pole pieces. The equipment adopts the isolation membrane automatic tension control system, the cylinder drives the diaphragm to move left and right to realize the zigzag lamination, and the cantilever design is easy to operate. Compared with the manual stacking machine , this equipment has the characteristics of high stacking efficiency, good stacking neatness, and a large range of applicable battery sizes. It is an ideal choice for R&D sample production and small batch trial production equipment.


1. Applicable to a wide range of cell stack sizes.

2. Semi-automatic lamination, constant tension control system.

3. Automatic counting of the number of laminations, manual resetting, design of digital display counter.

4. Automatically maintain the last used parameter state function after power failure or not in use.

5. Adopt foot switch to control cylinder movement.

6. The adjustment, operation and maintenance of the machine are simple and easy.

7. High working efficiency, with digital display timer.

8. Desktop design is small and convenient, simple to operate and easy to maintain.


Model No.


Lamination accuracy

neatness is better than ±0.5mm

Lamination thickness
Max.12mm (the adjustment plate needs to be replaced if it is thicker)
Diaphragm roll diameter

Max. 220mm

Air source
0.4~0.6MPa compressed air
Lamination size (including the length of the lug)

 Min. L44mm*W44mm (the smaller the size needs to be replaced) Max. L200mm*W150mm (the lug is on the long side)

Using environment

recommended environment temperature is 25±3℃, humidity is 30~90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference

Power source

voltage single-phase 220VAC±10% (110VAC can be customized), frequency 50Hz/60Hz, power 200W

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Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell Lab Research

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