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  • The important process standards of lithium-ion battery PACK
    July 09, 2021 The important process standards of lithium-ion battery PACK
    Lithium-ion battery PACK is divided into four parts: processing, assembly, testing, and packaging. The battery PACK must be screened before. Different customers have completely different requirements for the cells before the lithium-ion battery PACK. Many manufacturers have a lot of battery PACK factories. Strict requirements, let’s take a look at the important process standards of lithium-ion battery PACK today. In the lithium-ion battery pack industry, people call batteries that are not assembled and can be directly used individually as batteries, and the finished battery pack connected to the PCM board with charging and discharging functions is called lithium-ion battery PACK. The PACK process of lithium-ion batteries refers to the assembly of battery cells, protective plates, battery wires, battery nickel sheets, battery accessories, battery boxes, battery membranes, etc. into finished batteries by welding. The battery pack PACK requires the battery to have a high degree of consistency (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life). The vast majority of the existing lithium-ion battery PACK technology is to link the cells together by welding, which also complicates the maintenance of battery problems. In addition, the batteries may face many thorny problems when they are batched. Reliability of batch products, excellent battery PACK technology, and finished product testing are essential. 1. Full inspection standard of battery cell appearance The appearance standard of cylindrical batteries: no short circuit, oxidation, rust, leakage of veneer pad or skewed surface pad, film breakage, film wrinkle, etc. The appearance standard of the square battery cell: no electrolyte, burr or other contaminants on the surface, no leakage, bulging, deformation, short circuit, etc., no skew or warping of the surface pad, no oxidation, dirt, desoldering, etc. on the composite nickel belt. The appearance standard of polymer batteries: no electrolyte or other pollution on the surface, no leakage, swelling, deformation, etc., no fracture of the tab, no damage to the corners, no delamination, etc. 2. Standard for battery cell veneer pad The surface pad is required to be firmly pasted, not skewed, warped, not beyond the edge of the end face of the battery, and not cover the negative rivet---aluminum shell battery positive cap (for multiple parallel strings, use formed barley paper or red steel paper to paste)-- -For steel shell cylindrical batteries; covered with textured paper or high-temperature adhesive paper---polymer batteries. 3. Cell voltage and internal resistance test Test equipment: multimeter, multi-function test stand, battery internal resistance tester, general battery test stand, scanner. Test connection method: The positive and negative terminals of the battery are contacted with the positive and negative thimble of the test frame respectively. 4. Battery cell combination standard Cylindrical battery: Adhesive bonding process, using g...
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  • Power lithium battery anode : aluminum foil application potential is huge
    July 07, 2021 Power lithium battery anode : aluminum foil application potential is huge
    The power battery for electric vehicles is a lithium battery: the positive electrode is lithium iron phosphate (lithium cobalt oxide LiCoO2, or lithium manganese oxide LiMn2O4 or ternary compound Li(NiCo)O2) coated on aluminum foil, but lithium iron phosphate is the best . The negative electrode is copper foil coated with graphite or lithium titanate. There is a separator between the positive and negative foils, which are wound together. Put the wound positive and negative sheets (including the diaphragm) into the battery case together, inject the electrolyte, and then vacuum package to complete the production of a single battery. The procurement cost of lithium battery cathode materials accounted for 30%, anode materials accounted for 20%, separator materials accounted for 20%, electrolyte accounted for 20%, and casing accounted for 10%. The diaphragm is polyacrylic acid. The positive electrode material has a great influence on the battery performance (referring to the lithium compound coated on the aluminum foil), and the entire positive electrode is the most critical part of the battery. The development of the new energy automobile industry is not only related to national energy security, people's livelihood and environmental protection, but also involves the destiny of my country's automobile industry. The positive electrode of the lithium battery of electric vehicles needs aluminum foil, and the weight of the vehicle itself is required to be as light as possible. Aluminum is the preferred material for lightweighting of automotive parts. Aluminum plays a vital role in the development of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. It is predicted that China's electric vehicle ownership will account for more than 30% of the total in 2030. China's new energy automobile industry has opened up a new application field for the application of aluminum, with great potential and considerable consumption. The anode aluminum foil for lithium batteries has no special requirements on the performance of the aluminum foil, and the Chinese aluminum foil industry can fully meet all the requirements for this kind of foil.
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  • Promotion in March
    March 06, 2021 Promotion in March
    Each member of our ACEY staff is committed to making the best battery equipment(Lab scale line) to help you achieve project success. Our products are on big promotion in March, cylindrical cell fabrication line, pouch cell fabrication line, coin cell fabrication line, we provide you with best one-solution. According to the production process of lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion equipment can be mainly divided into front-end equipment, mid-end equipment and back-end equipment; likewise, there is a precise connection between lab R&D equipment and production process, "burning Mixing, coating" to "forming, packaging, testing" and a complete set of battery manufacturing process needed experimental equipment, basically covering every link of the industrial chain. Here at Xiamen Acey New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, we offer excellent services, such as advising and consulting, based on years of experience and a profound understanding of customers' needs. Electric car industry as the next decade of technology trend, our mission is to dedicate ourselves and our resources to creating lithium battery equipment for you. Inquiry now!Exceptional quality, competitive pricing are waiting for you.
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  • Start shipping in sequence
    February 26, 2021 Start shipping in sequence
    ACEY has resumed work for a week. During this time, we have been busy producing for customers. After a week of hard work, we have started shipping this week. There are coin cell crimping machine, customized vacuum drying oven, battery materials(NMC622, NMC811, NMC622, CMC powder, LTO, NCA powder, etc ). Acey is always trying to provide the best service and reliable products, there are professional engineers who can meet your custom requirements. In the lithium battery industry, there are many technical requirements involved, For example pouch cell die cutter need to be customized according to your battery size. Punching machine is required to cut different size of electrodes and separators. ACEY is committed to meet the needs of customers and make a due contribution to the lithium industry. The order of other equipment is also in sequence to produce, please rest assured, ACEY never let you down.
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  • Start to produce in sequence
    February 19, 2021 Start to produce in sequence
    Dear new and regular customers, ACEY  resumes to business after China New Year, All departments began to work normally. Especially for the orders we received before the holiday, we started to prepare materials for production in sequence, including automatic spot welder, charge-discharge test equipment, battery forming machine and battery lab equipment (roller press, coater and ball mill) vacuum drying oven and glove box.
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  • Chinese New Year Notice
    February 08, 2021 Chinese New Year Notice
    Dear New & regular customer, We’re pleased inform you that our Chinese New Year holiday start from Feb 9th to 19th Orders will be accepted but will not be processed until Feb 20th , The first business day after the Spring Festival. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. However, we’ll check our email time by time, if you have anything in urgent, please feel free to send email or call us at 008618950009155, we’ll go back to you asap.
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  • Order Form Of Customized Heat Rolling Machine With 300mm Width
    December 20, 2020 Order Form Of Customized Heat Rolling Machine With 300mm Width
    In December 2020, We have completed the final inspection, packing and shipping of heat rolling press machine for our Korean customer. Acey New Energy, mastering professional technology and having advanced production equipment make us more and more competitive. We have successfully customized 300mm width Heat Rolling Press Machine for our customer time after time. 1.We mainly widened the width of the heating roll. In the process of the pressing the electrode, the width range is 100mm-300mm. Optimum width for lithium battery R&D. 2.Due to the high precision required by the electrode, our roller press has the characteristics of high hardness, uniform pressure, easy adjustment and high precision. 3.During the testing, the heat roll need continuously heat more than 10 hours to eliminate the possibility of failure and ensure the normal operation of the roller press. 4.In the production process of lithium ion battery, roller compaction is the most commonly used compaction process for electrode. Compared with other technological processes, roller compaction has a great change on the structure of electrode hole, and will affect the distribution state of conductive agent in the electrode dressing area, thus affecting the electrochemical performance of the battery. By summarizing the roller press technology of lithium battery electrode and the matters needing attention of roller press equipment in the manufacturing process, the solutions to various problems in the process of roller press commissioning are discussed. ACEY new Energy, we provide full set of solution for lithium battery R&D.
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  • Orders for battery pack equipment from India are in transit
    May 08, 2021 Orders for battery pack equipment from India are in transit
    A customer from India ordered part of the equipment of the battery pack line, including two 512CH cell capacity grading machine, a customized spot welding machine and a BMS tester. The cell capacity grading machine is mainly used for testing cylindrical battery cell capacity by charging and discharging, our machine has 5V2A, 3A, 5A, 6A and other different current options, and 128CH, 256CH or 512CH to selection, its suitable for mass production. Customized double-sided spot welding machine of special size, which can be used for double-sided welding of cylindrical batteries of different sizes such as 18650 26650. The operation and debugging very easy and convenient. Design of components built-in makes appearance more concise. In addition to double-sided spot welding machine, we also provide single-sided spot welding machine, manual gantry spot welding machine, etc., to meet Different needs of customers. As well as the BMS tester with a computer, can detect the function of the lithium battery protection board and various performance indicators. It is developed using the principle of capacitor simulation battery charging and discharging, and has multiple functions, lots of advantages like simple operation, fast detection speed, etc. and the results are easy to save and can be viewed on the computer at any time. we have two models with a computer and without a computer. Now the equipment has been packed in plywood wooden boxes and is being transported, and it will reach the customer soon. ACEY: Professional manufacturer of lithium battery equipment, which can provide a complete set of pack line equipment, such as cell sorting machine, paper pasting machine, and comprehensive tester, aging tester, etc. Corresponding solutions can be provided according to customer requirement, welcome to consult.
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