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China Lab Mixing Machine For Li ion Battery Laboratory Research

It is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents. At the same time, the mixing barrel can be vacuumed and the slurry can be stirred under vacuum to achieve no bubbles in the slurry.

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250mL Laboratory Dual-shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixing Machine


The stirring paddle of the instrument is designed as a spiral ribbon stirring paddle, planetary stirring, so as to achieve no stirring dead zone in the mixing barrel, and according to the process requirements, the dispersing disc and revolution stirring use multi-stage speed operation, and the speed and time of each stage can be set set.


1. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

2. Four-blade double-shaft planetary mixing, twist frame mixing blade with high-speed dispersion plate and wall scraping, no mixing dead angle.

3. Low-speed stirring realizes macro-mixing through public and rotation, and high-speed dispersing disc realizes micro-mixing through shearing force.

4. Vacuum environment, effectively eliminate the bubbles generated during the stirring process, the vacuum maintaining effect is good.

5. Multi-stage speed operation can be carried out, and the stirring speed and time of each stage can be set.

6. The slurry bucket lifting design, equipped with spotlights, is convenient for operation, and ensures the safety during the vacuum mixing process.

7.  Jacketed mixing tank design, can pass cooling water, suitable for various process requirements, with temperature controller and high temperature alarm system.


1. Basic technical parameters:

1-1 Product name and specification model

A. Planetary dispersion vacuum mixer ;

1-2 Basic structure

A. Cantilever structure hydraulic lifting bucket; B. Single direct temperature measurement mode;

C. Single dispersion shaft + double stirring shaft + with scraping wall

1-3 barrel (mixing barrel)

A. Specification: Dia. 240mm×180mm; B. Design volume: 08L; C. Effective volume: 2L.

A. Liner material: SUS304;

B. Mirror polished after turning of the inner wall to ensure good roundness;

C. The upper flange plane of the mixing tank and the upper tank body are sealed by a sealing ring;

D. G1/2" discharge ball valve at the bottom of the barrel;

E. A pair of handles on the barrel body.

Pure jacket direct cooling/heating   

The water inlet and outlet ports are G3/8", equipped with quick-opening unions; the jacket can pass cold or hot water to cool or heat the processed material.

1-4 Upper barrel body (kettle cover)

A. Material: SUS304;

B. A Φ40 powder/liquid hopper, which can be quickly switched on and off; 1 spotlight; with 2 small windows (a spotlight port and an observation hole), a vacuum pressure gauge, and other necessary connections (vacuum/venting) /spare).

1-5 mixing principle

The low-speed stirring paddle and the serrated dispersing disc installed on the high-speed dispersion shaft both rotate and revolve; at the same time, combined with the low-gap design of the stirring paddle, the low-speed stirring paddle makes the material produce strong kneading interference motion and up-down/left-right circulation. ; The high-speed dispersing disc strongly shears and breaks up the materials; thus finally ensuring that the materials are fully dispersed and evenly blended (mixed).

1-6-1 revolution/mixing motor and

Inverter, reducer

A. Quantity: one set; B. Motor power: 1.5Kw/4P; C. 1.5KW frequency converter matched with the motor; D. Matching reducer BL1, reduction ratio of about I=29, use factor Fa=1.0 .

1-6-2 Planetary revolution speed

Speed: 0~50rpm (reference system: ground), adjustable.

1-6-3 Wall scraper

Quantity: 1 group; scraping material: SUS304 and Teflon; consistent with revolution speed.

1-6-4 Gap reference value

(Not mandatory)

A. Tolerance of mixing paddle and bottom: 24 mm;

B. Tolerance of mixing paddle and barrel wall: 3±1.5 mm;

1-7-1 stirring shaft/stirring paddle speed

Speed: 0~80rpm(Reference system: planetary box); or 0~130rpm (reference system: ground); adjustable.

1-7-2 mixing paddle

A. Material: SUS304; B. Quantity: one (group).

1-7-3 stirring slurry form

"Spiral twist type"; linear velocity: 0~0.55m/s (reference system: planetary box).

1-8-1 Dispersed motor

A. Quantity: one set; B. Motor power: 2.2Kw/2P; C. With frequency conversion speed controller matched with the motor.

1-8-2 Dispersion speed (rotation)

A. Speed: 0~6000rpm, adjustable; B. Linear speed: 0~17m/s.

1-8-3 Dispersing shaft and disc

A. Material: SUS304; C. Diameter of dispersion plate: Φ55mm;

B. One, a dispersion plate is installed on the dispersion shaft to ensure better dispersion/mixing.

1-9 lifting (mixing barrel)

A. Hydraulic lifting: piston cylinder Φ63/D40×S270; equipped with double guide rods, positioning device; safe and reliable positioning.

B. One set of hydraulic oil pump station, equipped with a 0.37Kw/4P motor; no oil leakage, low noise.

C. Lifting height: ≤270.

1-10 vacuum system

A. The stirring and dispersing process can be carried out under vacuum; vacuum degree: ≤-0.098mPa.

B. Equipped with vacuum pump 2XZ-2.

C. With vacuum buffer tank and switch.

D. Dynamic seal: mechanical seal; static seal: O-ring seal.

E. Maintain the pressure for 24 hours, and no oil leaks into the slurry tank in the state of mixing or maintaining pressure.

1-11 positioning system

A. With positioning adjustment device and locking device, it can accurately position the mixing barrel and the upper barrel and prevent rotation.

B. The positioning stop of the lower flange of the upper barrel body is matched with the mixing barrel to ensure that the position of the mixing barrel is reasonable and the positioning is accurate.

1-12 control system

(Manual operation control)

A. Manual operation control function: The vacuum start/stop during equipment operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, temperature display (or temperature control), spotlight switch, lift, and emergency stop operation are all performed on the operation panel.

Remarks: Dispersion has a timing function (recommended, but normal manual operation (that is, without PLC and touch screen) does not include this item).

B. Man-machine interface operation function: This is an optional item, customers need to purchase at an additional price if necessary, and the plan will be quoted separately.

1-13 Safe operation

A. Relying on the frequency converter and the limit travel switch, through the specially designed control route, it is guaranteed that the barrel will stop automatically when it reaches the specified position.

B. During the ascending process of the barrel, the mixing/dispersing part of the equipment cannot be started. Similarly, when the machine is running the mixture, the barrel cannot be lowered and the mixing barrel cannot be opened.

C. Use circuit design such as proximity switches to ensure that the mixing tank cannot be lowered under vacuum.

D. The special vacuum buffer tank design can effectively prevent the vacuum pump oil from returning to the mixing tank.

E. The door bolt type buckle is set on the kettle cover and the mixing barrel to prevent the oil cylinder from falling automatically.

1-14 Temperature measurement method

0-300℃, the temperature probe is located on the wall of the barrel (or the bottom of the barrel) near the bottom of the barrel, contacts the material and displays the temperature.

1-15 Total power of main engine: 3.7KW+ power of lifting motor: 0.37kw

Working voltage/frequency: 380V/50Hz/3Phase; control voltage: 220→24V.

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package of vacuum mixer machine

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