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8 Channel Prismatic Battery Automatic Sorting Machine is Ready to Ship

Apr 10, 2024

ACEY-PS8 8 channel prismatic battery automatic sorting machine is used to sort and assemble test of universal prismatic batteries. The machine adopts the belt line to drive the feeding, and the type change is simple. It can analyze and save the test data of the prismatic battery, eliminate the defective battery exclusively, and collect the battery with the sorting and matching by the receiving tank. It is easy for the operator to manage.

Product Parameters

Item No.: ACEY-PS8S
Equipment efficiency 10~12PPM
Equipment utilization ≥95%
Number of sorting channels 8(7 qualified batteries, 1 unqualified)
Applicable battery size Length: 100-220mm
width 20-80mm
height: 110-220mm
Instrument internal resistance detection accuracy +/-0.5% rdg, the display resolution is 0.01 milliohm
Instrument voltage detection accuracy +/-0.05% rdg, display resolution: 0.1 millivolts
Internal resistance detection repetition error < 1 milliohm (AC internal resistance detection method)
Voltage detection repetition error < 1 millivolt
Control system PC Industrial Computer (Embedded system)
Input power consumption 1KW
Input voltage AC220V/50HZ
Compressed air source ≥0.6Mpa
Displayer 21.5-inch Philips displayer
Equipment Appearance Reference dimensions L*W*H=1920*1600*1600mm
Weight 350KG

Product Details

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