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Customized Single Sided Spot Welding Machine is Ready to Ship

Jan 12, 2024

Single Sided Spot Welding Machine for Lithium ion Battery Nickel Welding

Single sided spot welding machine is used to weld nickel sheets with many lithium batteries into a group pack, which is suitable for lithium battery pack assembly in the factory for 14500 18650 21700 26650 32700 etc multi-parallel multi-series combination.


  • Support breakpoint start, automatic start, and manual start.
  • Cold solder joint and sealing off alarm.
  • Easy program, support matrix, array and point program, can store 100 group parameters.
  • Welding needle abrasion alarm.
  • Build-in welding current monitor, can display real time welding current.
  • Design for NB, Power Tool, Gardening Tool, High Power, Energy Storage battery, Electric Motor Car Battery Pack, and other lithium battery packs spot welding.
  • Can be matched with the production line of lithium battery group.
  • Can store dozens process of different battery packs product, switching products without re-setting parameters.
  • Can match a variety brand of spot welders.

Single sided spot welding machine

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