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Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Winding Machine For Pouch Cell

ACEY-WM-P is a CE Certified semi-automatic winder for winding electrode and separator together in the research of Li-ion pouch batteries and cylinder cell & cylindrical cell.

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    CE Certified
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    One Year warranty with lifetime support
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Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Winding Machine For Pouch Cell


It is suitable for winding of super capacitors, cylindrical batteries, soft-packaged lithium battery pole pieces, and winding the positive and negative electrodes and separators into batteries.


1. The up and down, left and right, front and rear positions of the guide pole piece groove and ruler can be adjusted.

2. Winding idler, to ensure the winding tightness of the battery when winding.

3. Increase the winding tail bracket to improve the winding accuracy of the battery.

5. The machine is small in size, exquisite and beautiful in appearance, and easy to operate.


for square battery electrode winding

First, adjust the width of the guide plate and the pole piece, put the pole piece into the guide groove, put the pole piece winding head part into the winding needle, advance the right needle, and clamp the pole piece with the left pin. Then press the foot valve motor to rotate and wind, and then push the right needle away to take out the battery core.


Model No.


Power supply
0~170 rpm adjustable
Applicable flat battery cell size mm: length (20~100) X width (20~80) X thickness (MAX30) according to customer selection.
Applicable cylindrical batteries

within Φ35*L90mm (replacement of winding flat batteries and cylindrical batteries requires replacement of winding needles)

Standard configuration of round winding needle
Equipment size
Equipment weight
Structural material
high-strength chrome steel, the surface will never rust after environmental protection plating and spraying treatment.
Product details

Semi-automatic Battery Electrode Winding Machine For Pouch Cell

Winding Machine For Battery Production

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