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Portable Laboratory Digital Electric Viscometer NDJ-T Viscosity Meter With Touch Screen

This series of viscometer has the advantages of convenient operation, intuitive reading, rich display content, high measurement accuracy, stable speed, and strong anti-interference performance.

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Portable Laboratory Digital Electric Viscometer NDJ-T Viscosity Meter With Touch Screen


NDJ - T series viscometer is intelligent instrument based on ARM technology, to achieve full screen operation, to replace the traditional mode of operation of the traditional buttons plus small size LCD screen. This series has high performance stepper motor and driver, according to the procedures set accurately and smoothly running, the motor driven by constant speed rotation torque sensor the rotor. When the rotor in the measured by liquid viscous resistance, and force feedback to the torque sensor, through the corresponding internal processing and operation, the viscosity of the fluid to be measured data can be displayed.


1. Using ARM technology, built-in Linux system. The operation interface is concise and clear, through the creation of test programs and data.

Analysis, fast and convenient viscosity test.

2. The viscosity measurement value is accurate, and each range is automatically calibrated by computer, with high accuracy and small error.

3. Rich display content: In addition to viscosity, there are also temperature, shear rate, shear stress, measured value as a percentage of full scale value (graphic display), range overflow alarm, automatic scanning, the maximum measurement range under the current rotor speed combination, Date, time, etc. It can also display the kinematic viscosity when the density is known, which greatly meets the different measurement requirements of users.

4. Complete functions, can measure regularly, build 30 sets of test programs, access 30 sets of measurement data, and display viscosity in real time.

Curves, print data and curves, etc..

5. Front level meter, level adjustment is intuitive and convenient.

6. Optional temperature probe, special constant temperature bath for viscometer, constant temperature cup, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil), etc..

7. Chinese and English operating system.


Model No. NDJ-5T



Control/Display mode
5-inch color touch screen
Speed (r/min)
Measuring range mPa.s
1~100000 (100,000)
1~2000000 (2 million)
(For measuring ultra-low viscosity below 10, 0# rotor is required)
1-4# (standard configuration)
0# Rotor (optional)
Measurement error (Newtonian liquid)
Repeat error (Newtonian liquid)
Timing function
The standard configuration
Temperature measurement function
Standard temperature probe interface (optional temperature probe required)
Auto scan function
Automatically scan and recommend the best combination of rotor and speed
Display the maximum measurement range
Automatically display the measurable viscosity range of the selected rotor and speed combination
Display shear response/shear rate
Standard configuration
Automatic display of kinematic viscosity
Need to enter the density of the sample
Self-built measurement program
Up to 30 groups can be saved (including rotor, speed, temperature, time, etc.)
Save measurement results
Up to 30 sets of data (including viscosity, temperature, rotor, speed, shear rate,
Shear stress, time, density, kinematic viscosity, etc.)

Viscosity curve
Real-time display of viscosity curve
Data and curve can be printed (print interface is standard, printer is required)
Data output interface
Standard configuration
Thermostatic components
Options (including special constant temperature baths and constant temperature cups for various viscometers)
Power supply
Wide voltage operation (110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz)
300 × 300 × 450(mm)

Using environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: 5 C ~ 35 C (recommended the use of ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius)

Relative humidity: less than 80%

Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V (50 / 60Hz)

There is no strong electromagnetic interference, no corrosive gas, no violent vibration.

Product Details

Portable Laboratory Digital Electric Viscometer NDJ-T Viscosity Meter With Touch Screen

Viscosity Meter With Touch Screen

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