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Nickle Sheet Micro computer cutting machine

Automatic microcomputer cutting machine cutting all kinds of tube,sheet,film,tape...
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Nickle Sheet Micro computer cutting machine


This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control display device, cutting length, quantity and feeding speed can be set freely, add adjustable roller feeding mechanism, both sides automatically adjust the pressure and rise and fall, can quickly release material, with thimble type feeding mechanism, effectively prevent material scratch.


1. The machine is provided with "emergency stop" protection (known as "emergency stop switch").

2. Adjustable speed

3. Adjustable length

4. Total setting

5. Delay in cutting

6. Blade spacing

7. Batch pause

8. Length compensation

9. Cutting speed

10. Step size setting


Power supply:


Power supply:

220V 50/60Hz Cutting speed: 34m/min

Cutting tool width

0.1-100mm Cutting length: 0.1mm-9999.9mm


30kg Specification: 380*360*390mm

Material of knife



Imported SOO6Z

Panel material

stainless steel panel

Roller material

Excellent glue (hardness: 60)

Display screen

LCD 128*64

Cutting tool motor


Feeding motor

Stepper motor 86*96

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