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Lithium ion Battery Lead Acid Battery Charge-discharge Cycle Life Testing Equipment With Different Clamps

Suitable for lithium ion battery charging and discharging requirements.

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Battery Charge-discharge Cycle Life Testing Equipment With Different Clamps


Battery detecting cabinet comprises a fixture and placed the plate body of the fixture, charging, constant current and constant voltage source discharge constant current source, storage control circuit, current sampling circuit, voltage sampling circuit, the main control CPU, data memory, microcontroller programming and control panel. Each battery test station has independent constant current and constant voltage power.


*Each channel can be started and stopped at a single point, and the response speed is fast.

*The operation is simple, convenient and intuitive

*Modular design, easy to maintain.

*The digital current and voltage automatic calibration function

*Using network connection and SQL database

*The hardware technology is advanced, stable and durable.


Working power

Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%, 50HZ

Work environment

Temperature 0-40 degrees, relative humidity ≤80%

Heat dissipation

   to enter the air naturally and exhaust the air upward



Channel Parameter

Voltage measuring range

0-5V, 1MV resolution

Battery voltage range

Charge 0-4.5V: Discharge 4.5-2V

Constant voltage range


voltage accuracy

±(1‰ reading +1‰ full)

Current accuracy

±(1‰ reading +1‰ full)



Software Function

Control mode

Computer connection equipment work, FCL control

Communication mode

RS485 baud rate 57,600

Process set

A maximum of 32 work steps and 256 cycles are se

Charging mode

Constant current, constant pressure

Charging cutoff condition

Voltage, current, time, capacity


constant current

Discharge cut-off condition

Voltage, time, capacity

Defensive function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, overcapacity, etc

Time range

Set it anywhere from 0 to 30,000 minutes

Time accuracy


Battery sorting

By capacity, time, discharge platform, etc

Data processing

Data, graphs, and loop diagrams

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