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Working Principle of BMS Lithium Battery Management System

Apr 01, 2022

Working Principle of BMS Lithium Battery Management System

What is lithium ion battery BMS system? BMS lithium battery management system can ensure the use safety of power lithium battery pack, which is the primary task of lithium power battery management system. The requirements of battery management system for different cell types are often different. Generally, BMS lithium battery system usually includes detection module and operation control module.

1. The composition of battery management system

BMS lithium battery system, commonly known as battery nanny or battery housekeeper, is mainly used to intelligently manage and maintain each battery unit, prevent overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, prolong the service life of the battery and monitor the state of lithium battery. BMS lithium battery management system unit includes BMS battery management system, control module, display module, wireless communication module, electrical equipment, battery pack for supplying power to electrical equipment and collection module for collecting battery information of battery pack.

2. How does the BMS work?

The lithium battery BMS determines the state of the whole battery system by detecting the state of each single battery in the power battery pack, and carries out corresponding control adjustment and strategy implementation for the power battery system according to their state, so as to realize the charge and discharge management of the power lithium battery system and each single battery, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power battery system. People will use BMS testing machine in a pack assembly line to do such a job.

3. The role of each BMS module

The topology of typical lithium battery management system is mainly divided into two parts: master control module and slave control module. Specifically, it is composed of central processing unit, data acquisition module, data detection module, display unit module, control components, etc. Generally, the data information communication between modules is realized by using internal CAN bussing technology.

Based on the functions of each module, BMS can detect the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters of power lithium battery in real time, realize thermal management, balance management, high voltage and insulation detection of power battery, and calculate the remaining capacity, charge and discharge power and SOC & SOH state of power battery.

A good BMS lithium battery management system has a temperature sensor, which can monitor the voltage of a single battery pack and detect low-performance batteries before battery pack sealed and finished. This 100% test guarantees higher production, higher battery capacity and reduced warranty commitments. A good battery management system also records the date and information of mechanical impact and deep discharge, so it can avoid false warranty claims. Excellent BMS can also detect the humidity of lithium battery pack to avoid accidents.

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