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Comparative Analysis of Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery and Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery

Apr 13, 2022

Comparative Analysis of Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery and Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery

▶ Battery shape: prismatic lithium-ion batteries can be flexible in any sizes, which the cylindrical battery can’t work the same.

▶ Rate capability: due to the process limitation of cylindrical lithium-ion battery welding multipole tabs, the rate capability is slightly worse than that of prismatic.

The same positive electrode material, negative electrode material and electrolyte are used, so the discharge platform is consistent in theory, but the internal resistance of prismatic battery is slightly superior, so the discharge platform is slightly higher.

▶ Product quality: the process of cylindrical lithium-ion battery is very mature, the probability of secondary slitting defects of pole pieces is low, and the winding process is more mature and automatic than the lamination process. At present, the lamination process is still semi manual, so there is an adverse impact on the quality of relevant batteries.

▶ Pole tab welding: the pole tab of cylindrical lithium-ion battery is easier to weld than prismatic battery, and the prismatic battery is prone to false welding, which affects the battery quality. Battery welding machines for them also have different requirements.

▶ Pack composition: cylindrical batteries are relatively easy to use, so the pack method is simple and the heat dissipation effect is good. The heat dissipation of prismatic batteries should be handled well when packing.

▶ Structural features: the chemical activity energy at the corners of the prismatic lithium-ion battery is poor, and the performance of the battery decreases obviously after long-term use.

Generally speaking, cylindrical and prismatic batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each battery has its own dominant category. For example, there are more lithium iron phosphate in prismatic batteries. With the introduction of the new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the system energy density of batteries has become an important evaluation index.

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