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Operational Principle of Lithium Battery Auto Sorting Machine

May 11, 2022

Operational Principle of Lithium Battery Auto Sorting Machine

What is the battery cell sorting machine?

The battery sorter is usually designed according to international standards. Each communication of the sorter system will have a separate constant current and constant voltage. Generally, it adopts the design structure of module with plug and playback. When sorting, you can delete or load module units without restriction. This function also facilitates some daily maintenance of the system. The 11 channel lithium battery sorter is a test and sorting equipment for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries. It is equipped with a high-precision automatic test system for internal resistance and voltage. The equipment sends the battery to the specified gear according to the internal resistance and voltage values set on the computer software

Working principle of battery cell sorting machine

1. Upper feeding part

The manual only needs to put the discharge box at the position of the feeding bin, and then pull out the bottom stop. The feeding is very convenient and there will be no clamping phenomenon. The grooving teeth are driven by the motor and rolled into the battery in turn and transported to the buffer belt.

2. Feeding mechanism

The PVC belt is used to transport the battery cell. The discharging method is one port releasing two. The conveyor belts on both sides are transported and tested respectively. The testing is carried out synchronously, and the efficiency is very high. This really improves the efficiency in a battery pack assembly line.

3. Test the conveyor belt pulling mechanism

The transfer mechanism is composed of a conveyor belt pulling mechanism and a material retaining mechanism. When testing OCV and sorting the battery cell. There are two sets of OCV test and sorting structures, one on the left and one on the right, so you don't have to worry about shutdown or material jamming. If there are abnormalities on one side, you can continue production on the other side

4. Battery cell suction mechanism

When the test is completed, the manipulator goes down to suck the battery cell. The cell suction mechanism adopts magnet suction. Because battery cells can be sucked by electromagnetism, the manipulator goes down to suck 11 cells at one time.

5. Sorting mechanism

After the battery cell is sucked up, it is accurately put into each gear by the XY axis screw rod, and then transported out along the sorting belt line. There are 11 sorting belt lines, which represent the battery cell of 11 gears respectively. The discharging of the battery cell is controlled by 11 groups of suction structures. When testing which gear the battery cell is to be placed on which belt line, the battery cell sucked by the cylinder control magnet will fall off on which belt line when the magnet is released, and the surplus belt will flow out

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Battery cell sorting machine

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